Amber Brock: Helping Small Businesses Thrive Through Authentic Marketing

Amber Brock: Helping Small Businesses Thrive Through Authentic Marketing

Amber Brock's story is not your typical Silicon Valley startup saga or a tale of overnight success. It's a narrative deeply rooted in small-town Texas, enriched by a fondness for storytelling and a passion for empowering local businesses. As the Founder and Creative Strategist of Mulberry Marketing Company , Amber has carved a unique niche in the competitive marketing landscape, focusing on the Architecture, Engineering, and Contractor (A/E/C) sector. Her approach prioritizes the human element at the core of business success. With a firm dedication to authenticity, Amber builds marketing strategies that not only reflect the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs but also resonate with the aspirations of real people.    

Discovering the Power of Storytelling   

Growing up in a community where big-box stores chipped away at the lifeblood of local businesses, Amber witnessed firsthand the struggles and triumphs of small-town entrepreneurs. This instilled in her a deep appreciation for the dedication and resilience it takes to build something meaningful from the ground up. After college, Amber moved to Austin and started her career in accounting at Artisan Hardwood Floors, a small family business. Surrounded by a team of craftsmen and exquisite hardwood interiors, Amber recognized a powerful story waiting to be told. It wasn't just about selling wood, but forging connections and re-establishing Artisan as a trusted expert in their industry.   

While the practicality of accounting initially drew her in, the stories behind the numbers truly captured her imagination. This fascination with human motivation, coupled with her artistic leanings, ultimately led her to marketing—a field that blends data with creativity, offering a perfect marriage of her diverse interests.   

In an industry dominated by traditional gender roles, Amber often found herself as the only woman in the room, frequently expected to make coffee - though she rarely complied. However, her determination and passion for marketing propelled her forward. She became a valued member of Artisan's leadership team, a thought leader within the A/E/C sector, and, ultimately, Head of Marketing and Business Development. For over a decade, Amber immersed herself in the world of marketing for small A/E/C businesses, gaining invaluable insights and honing her skills.   

Empowering Growth Through Strategic Creativity   

With a wealth of experience and an unyielding passion for entrepreneurship, Amber founded Mulberry Marketing Company in 2022. The company's core mission is to empower small businesses in the A/E/C sector by bringing their unique stories to the forefront. Mulberry Marketing   stands out in the competitive marketing industry by taking a holistic approach, blending creativity with analytics to create marketing strategies that genuinely resonate with audiences.   

Mulberry’s services range from brand development—encompassing visual design, messaging, and audience development— to comprehensive, data-driven marketing strategies that include digital marketing, SEO, and social media initiatives. Additionally, they offer communication services that focus on innovative ways for businesses to connect with and build lifelong relationships with their clients, through website design, email marketing, event branding, and the creation of educational courses.   

By offering a range of services designed to support the growth and success of small businesses, the company focuses on building lasting relationships and delivering results that transcend aesthetics. From brand development to marketing strategies and communications, Mulberry Marketing creates holistic solutions that ensure small businesses not only survive but become landmarks in their communities.   

Strategic Creativity for Lasting Impact   

For Amber, marketing is not just about the bottom line; it's about creating narratives that reflect the aspirations of real people. She believes in turning small businesses into community landmarks and helping entrepreneurs see their visions come to life. By blending creativity with strategy, Amber and her team at Mulberry Marketing are making a tangible difference for small businesses in the A/E/C sector.   

As technology continues to facilitate seamless collaboration with clients across the country, Amber remains committed to her philosophy of authentic, personalized marketing. With her deep understanding of the challenges faced by small businesses and her passion for empowering entrepreneurs, Amber Brock creates branding and marketing strategies, one narrative at a time, that pave the way for a brighter future for small businesses across the nation.  

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