Leyda Lazo: Bridging the HR Gap for Small Enterprises

Leyda Lazo: Bridging the HR Gap for Small Enterprises

Small and mid-sized companies are the backbone of the economy, but they often lack the resources of their larger counterparts. This especially applies to Human Resources (HR). Studies have shown that smaller businesses frequently struggle to maintain dedicated HR departments, leaving them without the support and expertise needed to effectively manage their workforce. This lack of access to comprehensive HR services can significantly hinder the growth and success of these organizations.

Leyda Lazo, the founder of Human Capital Consultants International, LLC (HCCI), has dedicated her career to bridging this gap in HR services. Her passion for HR began over 16 years ago, and early on, she recognized a significant disparity between the resources available to large corporations and those accessible to smaller businesses. While large companies had comprehensive HR departments and services at their disposal, smaller businesses often struggled with limited and fragmented HR options. This inequality fueled Leyda's desire to create a solution that would level the playing field.

Determined to bridge this gap, Leyda founded Human Capital Consultants International. Her vision for HCCI was to become a strategic partner for small businesses, providing them with the same caliber of HR services that large companies enjoy but tailored to their unique needs and budget constraints. Central to this vision was a robust combination of HR compliance and the development of high-performing teams through world-class workshops and assessments.

Leyda's approach to HR consultancy is deeply rooted in her belief in the interconnectedness of HR, Learning and Development (L&D), and executive coaching. By integrating these elements, HCCI ensures its clients meet regulatory requirements and foster a dynamic and productive workforce that drives their business forward. One of the key strategies Leyda employs to optimize recruitment processes for her clients is leveraging data-driven insights to identify the most effective recruitment channels and streamline the hiring process.

HCCI also focuses on building a strong employer brand to attract top talent and implementing structured interview processes that evaluate both technical skills and cultural fit. When it comes to training programs, Leyda and her team at HCCI begin with a thorough needs assessment, collaborating with clients to understand their specific challenges, goals, and industry context. They then design customized training modules or workshops that address these unique needs, incorporating relevant case studies, practical exercises, and real-world scenarios.

Executive coaching plays a transformative role in HCCI's comprehensive HR solutions. Through personalized support and development, Leyda helps leaders enhance their self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and leadership skills. This approach fosters a culture of continuous improvement and accountability within the organization, driving overall performance and growth. Leyda's coaching methodology is deeply informed by the principles of humanistic psychology, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), and positive psychology, creating a coaching framework that is holistic, empowering, and transformative.

To ensure continuous growth and improvement within the organizations she works with, Leyda establishes clear performance metrics and regular review processes to track progress and identify areas for improvement. She prioritizes ongoing learning and development, providing access to resources, training, and coaching that support professional and personal growth. Leyda also encourages organizations to stay agile and adaptable, helping them navigate changes and seize new opportunities effectively.

As an advisory council member for the Harvard Business Review (HBR), Leyda contributes to discussions on the latest business trends, provides insights on HR practices, and participates in research initiatives. This role has enriched her professional practice by keeping her at the forefront of industry developments and connecting her with leading experts in the field. The exposure to cutting-edge research and innovative practices has enhanced Leyda's ability to provide informed, strategic advice to her clients.

Leyda's advice to small business leaders looking to enhance their HR practices and foster a culture of growth is to view HR as a strategic partner rather than just an administrative function. She encourages leaders to integrate HR at the heart of their business strategy, invest in initiatives that promote a positive and inclusive workplace, and focus on organizational agility. Leyda also stresses the importance of investing in learning and development, measuring and optimizing HR practices, leveraging external expertise when needed, and leading by example.

With her dedication to empowering small businesses through full-service HR solutions, Leyda has become a trusted partner and advocate for organizational excellence. As an HR executive, mentor, and leadership coach, she inspires and empowers businesses to achieve their goals and thrive in an ever-evolving business environment.

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