Read Faster, Achieve More: How Speed-Reading Saves Executives Hours Each Week

Read Faster, Achieve More: How Speed-Reading Saves Executives Hours Each Week

As an executive, the sheer volume of reading you need to tackle can seem endless. Research reports, proposal documents, employee evaluations, and endless emails invade your desk—not to mention keeping current with industry publications and news. There simply aren't enough hours in the day to get through it all.   

Yet falling behind on critical information flows means missing key insights and opportunities. Information is the lifeblood of business. Enhancing your reading efficiency offers one of the most effective ways possible to amplify productivity and accelerate your performance.   

By dedicating just 10 to 15 minutes daily to targeted speed reading exercises, executives can double—even triple—their reading rates within a matter of weeks. Those small daily habits compound into hours recouped each week for C-suite leaders and managers overwhelmed by written communication.   

The Speed Reading Habit That Reshapes Productivity     

Speed reading focuses on eliminating regression and subvocalization. Regression refers to readers' tendency to instinctively backtrack and reread words or passages multiple times. Subvocalization describes pronouncing words internally while reading silently.   

These innate reading patterns significantly restrict speed by limiting word absorption per minute. The human mind, however, processes information far faster. Speed reading techniques train the eyes and mind to take in more information simultaneously without pausing or restarting.   

Research shows dedicating 10 to 15 minutes daily to focused speed drills can double average executive reading velocity over a 4-to-6-week period. Reading efficiency continues improving with ongoing practice. Even boosting from 250 to 450 words per minute halves time commitments and drastically increases information throughput.   

The best leaders make the cultivation of productivity habits a daily priority rather than leaving skill development to chance. Just as consistent physical training yields substantial performance gains over time, small amounts of daily speed training produce profound results.   

4 Speed Reading Exercises to Adopt in Your Calendar Now     

Building speed reading aptitude requires retraining both mindset and visual pacing. The following daily exercises offer an excellent starting point:   

Rapid Paragraphs     

Select text-heavy content like business reports. Set a timer for 1 minute. Read as quickly as possible while retaining maximum comprehension. Note the total number of paragraphs completed. Increase pace daily, working up to faster times.   

Back-Of-Book Sprints     

Turn to the last page of a book and identify a random paragraph. Set your timer for 1 minute, then read backward one page at a time as far as possible at an accelerated speed. Record page reached. Repeat expanding each time.   

Regression Elimination     

Consciously focus on not restarting or backtracking while reading. Use a pointer like a finger or pen to guide eyes forward at a continuous pace. Double down on not stopping even when comprehension drops initially.   

Peripheral Vision Perspective     

Use an index card to cover all words except a centered horizontal segment comprising 2-3 words at once. Practice sliding the card down continuously without pausing to broaden the visual perspective at faster rates.   

Aim for 10 dedicated minutes on these quick exercises before diving into your regular daily reading demands. Even greater efficiency gains result from intermixing the techniques and applying them to actual reports vs. test paragraphs. With consistent practice, acceleration starts becoming second nature.   

Tracking The Time Savings Adding Up     

Maintaining written records of your speed scores makes concrete improvement visible. Establish a simple tracking template upfront:   

  • Reading Material – Note source paragraphs or pages used   

  • Words Per Minute – Calculate using timer durations/total words   

  • Comprehension Rate – Assess % understood at accelerated pace   

  • Goal – Set target WPM and comprehension for the next session

  • Review your logs weekly instead of daily to evaluate meaningful progress over longer intervals. Share results with a peer or your coach to further accountability.   

The 20-Minute-Per-Day Tipping Point     

Shaving even 15 seconds off reading time for a 1-page executive brief may seem negligible, but the real advantage comes from applying increased velocity across hundreds of pages monthly.   

Consider that boosting from 250 to 500 WPM reduces a 100-page proposal review from 6 to 3 hours.   

Now calculate compound savings across 20-40 lengthy documents monthly, adding 10-20 hours recouped. Hundreds of new hours open yearly for strategic thinking.   

Soon, reading speed increases make an extra working day accessible each week for key executives—time that can now shift from overflowing email inboxes to nurturing new customer relationships, exploring expansion opportunities, or developing emerging talent.   

Information acceleration unlocks transformational leadership time.   

6 Advanced Speed-Reading Applications     

As base technique becomes habitual, consider applying increased efficiency to various executive reading demands through specialized speed methods:   

  • Email Triage – Scan sender names/subjects rapidly to mass filter unimportant messages   

  • Research Studies – Absorb theoretical contexts swiftly before analyzing data   

  • Industry Publications – Rapidly pinpoint relevant articles in the Table of Contents   

  • Proposals/Bids – Accelerate document comparisons assessing scope   

  • Financial Reports – Extract key metrics early from dense text   

  • Contracts/Agreements – Laser focus on limitations, terms and liability   

  • Soon, your enhanced pace feels natural across this full spectrum, freeing the capacity to make bigger waves.   

Staying Energized Through Mental Endurance Techniques     

Pushing speed limits risks diminished energy, comprehension, and recall, however. Further, develop cerebral stamina alongside new velocity using these best practice tips:   

  • Stand Up – Use height-adjustable desks for reading variety and blood flow   

  • Switch Positions – Transition between sitting upright and reclining frequently   

  • Shift Modalities – Rotate between reading documents, audiobooks and podcasts   

  • Multitask Strategically – Fold speed reading into cardio at the gym   

  • Stay Hydrated – Keep water handy as drinking boosts concentration   

  • Snack Smart – Balance proteins like nuts and seeds energize without fatigue   

  • Reflect After Reading – Pause to mentally review key themes and details   

  • Make Flash Notes – Jot down bite-sized concepts and quotes immediately after sprints   

  • Set Reasonable Goals – Allow genuine comprehension pauses so sessions are sustainable   

Consistent Recovery Prevents Burnout     

Even in short bursts, speed reading taxes cognitive bandwidth if practiced repeatedly without respite. Guard against diminished returns by building recovery periods into your broader schedule.   

Use the 25/5 principle between intense reading blocks; for every 25 minutes of accelerated intake, break 5 minutes completely away from text-based screens. Stare into space or out a window, allowing your eyes and mind to recharge.   

Lengthier 15-20 minute breaks should punctuate longer 2-3 hour reading marathons. Revisit notable ideas between sessions. Splash cold water on your face. Do a few stretch sets. Take a walk outdoors. Let the concepts marinate as you give your faculties a chance to bounce back.   

By intentionally alternating intensity with intentional renewal, speed reading capacity multiplies without the mental fog or exhaustion side effects that sometimes accompany overzealous efficiency quests. Sustainable development rules the day.   

The Compound Interest of Focused Reading Power     

With so much on every executive's plate, finding another daily habit to integrate may feel unrealistic, even if a true payoff awaits. Yet prioritizing as little as 0.5% of your schedule towards reading acceleration sets in motion an astounding productivity locomotive once put into practice consistently.   

The pounds shed after months of eating well or dollars accumulated through savvy investing aims come to mind as metaphors. Half a year passes in the blink of an eye.   

Likewise, in 6 months, you could read 30 more industry analyses, correctly assess 50 key projections, review 100 critical contracts, or master 500 pages of training content applying your new speed prowess, knowledge compounding daily through the magical formula of reading efficiency.   

Your future self will thank today's self immensely for seizing the pace potential at your fingertips. An investment of minutes is repaid in hours with speed reading.   

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The Editorial Team

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