Scooping Up Success with Brooklyn’s Innovative Ice Cream Brand True Scoops

Scooping Up Success with Brooklyn’s Innovative Ice Cream Brand True Scoops

Brooklyn-based entrepreneurs Shelly Marshall and Kelly Williamson have always shared a passion for ice cream making. After meeting in 2015 while taking Penn State’s famous ice cream course, the pair formed an instant friendship rooted in their love of creating delicious frozen treats.     

In 2021, drawing from over 15 years of combined artisanal ice cream experience, Shelly and Kelly launched True Scoops , a first-of-its-kind brand offering premium ice cream mixes for easy homemade ice cream without the need for an ice cream maker.     

The concept of True Scoops materialized in 2020, during the pandemic, when people were exploring culinary adventures at home. Kelly recalls her colleague Shelly questioning why more folks weren’t trying their hand at making ice cream as well. Shelly realized the potential for a convenient, high-quality ice cream mix that didn’t require an ice cream maker.      

True Scoops was born out of this idea, a shelf-stable powdered ice cream mix that was simple yet sophisticated. Kelly, initially skeptical, joined Shelly in this venture, bringing her skills in recipe development and marketing to the table. “Your time is important, and it should be spent contemplating what kind of sundae you’re going to have. Priorities, right?” the founders quip on their website.     

Bringing the Shop Home     

While Shelly continues to run her popular Brooklyn ice cream shop, Island Pops, Kelly says she had sworn off opening another ice cream business after past experience . But the chance to bring their shop-quality product into people’s homes was too promising to pass up.     

The startup launched on July 1, 2021, quickly grabbing attention for its simple promise—real, true scoops of real ice cream without the fuss.     

So how does it work? True Scoops offers a range of mixed flavors and recipes using high-quality ingredients like fresh cream, milk, real sugar, and little else besides natural stabilizers. Home bakers simply combine the pouch with half & half milk , then churn and freeze in a household freezer—no special equipment required.     

The results are thick, ultra-creamy pints that rival your favorite brand, with inventive flavors like chocolate, vanilla bean and strawberry. Customers can even purchase sprinkles and rich hot fudge sauce alongside mixes for the full ice cream parlor experience.     

A Simple Vision, Seriously Flavorful     

True to its name, True Scoops aims to deliver authentic, old-fashioned ice cream in the comfort of home kitchens nationwide. The brand celebrates simplicity, both in ingredients and process, while ensuring each batch achieves richness in texture and flavor.     

“A business mentor and taste tester was the inspiration behind our name because he admitted he thought the product was going to taste chalky and strange,” the site explains. “We said, ‘What you’re eating is a real, true scoop of ice cream.’ His actual testimonial? ‘It was delicious.’”     

And delicious it is. True Scoops has earned glowing reviews from ice cream aficionados and home bakers alike. Fans praise the sheer quality and creative flavors that surpass grocery store tubs.      

A Story of Collaboration and Vision     

The success of True Scoops shows the power of collaboration and a clear vision. Shelly and Kelly’s complementary skills and commitment to quality have been key to their success. Their story inspires budding entrepreneurs and ice cream lovers alike, proving that with the right mix of passion, innovation, and hard work, you can turn a simple idea into a thriving business.     

True Scoops stands as an example in the entrepreneurial world, showing how a unique idea can transform an industry when executed with precision and passion. As they continue to grow and bring new flavors and experiences to ice cream enthusiasts, True Scoops represents the sweet taste of entrepreneurial success.      

The Editorial Team

The Editorial Team

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