Siri Chettipally: Unlocking the Voice Within

Siri Chettipally: Unlocking the Voice Within

Imagine a world where your thoughts, feelings, and dreams remain trapped within you—this is the reality for many individuals with non-speaking autism. They face unique challenges that can hinder their ability to express themselves and showcase their talents. However, there are inspiring stories of individuals who have overcome these obstacles and significantly impacted their communities. One such story is that of Siri Chettipally, a young lady with non-speaking autism who has not only discovered her passion for creating beautiful jewelry but has also become an advocate for others with similar challenges.

A Discovery Changes Everything

Siri Chettipally was diagnosed with autism at the age of three. Throughout her childhood and adolescence, she faced numerous challenges due to her condition, including difficulty with communication and behavioral issues. Despite being placed in special education classes and undergoing ABA therapy, Siri struggled to express herself and showcase her true potential.  

Her family never stopped seeking ways to support her growth. Her mother's discovery of Siri's talent for crafts and jewelry-making became a turning point. Through her newfound passions, Siri began to make significant improvements in her communication and overall well-being. She started selling her unique and beautiful jewelry through her online store, "Designs By Siri," which provided her with a creative outlet and helped boost her confidence and sense of accomplishment. Siri's family recognized the therapeutic effect that jewelry making had on her and hoped to expand her work to provide employment opportunities for others with disabilities.

Designs By Siri 

Siri's online store, "Designs By Siri," showcases her exceptional talent and creativity in jewelry making. Each piece is carefully crafted by Siri herself, reflecting her unique style and attention to detail. The store has become a platform for Siri to share her work with the world and inspire others with disabilities to pursue their passions and become productive members of society.

The success of "Designs By Siri " has not only brought joy and fulfillment to Siri's life but has also helped raise awareness about the capabilities of individuals with non-speaking autism. Siri's family hopes that her story will encourage others to look beyond the limitations of disabilities and recognize the potential within each individual.

 My Name is Siri Documentary

Siri's inspiring journey has now been captured in a powerful documentary titled "My Name Is Siri." Directed and produced by an Emmy Award-winning filmmaker, the documentary provides an intimate look into Siri's life and the challenges she has overcome. The film has been showcased at various film festivals and aired on PBS, reaching a wide audience and spreading Siri's message of hope and perseverance.

"My Name Is Siri" is not just a story about one individual; it is a powerful example of the power of love, support, and determination. The film, supported by De Colores Arts, gives Siri a voice and highlights the importance of championing creative expression, communication, and self-advocacy for those with disabilities. Through the lens of Siri's family, the documentary explores the struggles and triumphs of raising a child with autism, offering a unique perspective that resonates with viewers from all walks of life.

The documentary also features Dr. Temple Grandin, a renowned author and autism spokesperson who has been a guiding light for Siri's family. Her appearance in the film adds depth and insight into autism and the importance of supporting individuals like Siri.

Where to Find Siri's Work and Follow Her Journey:

  • Designs by Siri Website:  
  • Social Media: Siri's presence on platforms like Instagram and Facebook offers her a window to connect with others, act as a role model, and spread positive messages of ability and acceptance.
  • "My Name is Siri" Documentary: Keep an eye out for screening updates and release information, especially on film festival circuits and on platforms like PBS. 

Siri Chettipally's journey is a remarkable example of how one person's determination, creativity, and the unwavering support of family can overcome even the most daunting challenges. Through her art, advocacy, and the powerful documentary "My Name Is Siri," Siri has become a source of hope for individuals with non-speaking autism and their families.

As Siri continues to pursue her education at Santa Rosa Junior College and work toward her dream of becoming a neuroscientist, she serves as an inspiration to all who hear her story. Her message is clear: with the right tools, support, and opportunities, individuals with non-speaking autism can unlock their potential and make a positive impact on the world. 

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